Wellness App

A wellness app for high-stress professionals that provides psychological support for its users.

6 Months
Developer Team Extention
Wellness and mental health
Web and Mobile

Technology Stack


We helped Tribe Health Solutions to scale his team and provide the best solutions for his client.

Client Provided

  • A feature matrix for the mobile app and the managing portal.
  • A Figma prototype with the UI design of the new mobile application.
  • Wireframes for the Management Portal, and a couple of key screens for UI references.

Our responsibility

  • Implement the design for the mobile applications.
  • Design and implement the new CMS and Back Office using the iglu framework.
  • Managing the app submission on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Our Team

Luca Iaconelli

CMS and Back Office Development

Umberto Grimaldi

Mobile Development

Domenico M. Di Donna

Product Design (Mobile)

Aleks Tropp

Product Manager

Core Brain


Create a core library capable of serving the mobile application, and the admin portal.


Build a core system with GraphQL and Flutter that handles all the requests for both the app and the web portal.

Adaptable Web Portal


Create a web portal to let the police departments manage their information, contents and therapists shown inside the mobile app and also to create a web portal to let the administrator manage all the police departments, users, content types and all other information that could be seen within the app.


Build a web portal, using Flutter Web and our iglu Web Framework, that adapts itself based on the logged in user type.

Offline Content Availability


Create an intelligent system that allows app users to use the content even without an internet connection.


Build the mobile app content library also usable offline, through the use of Flutter and in particular of the Hive library, structuring a logic that, in a dynamic and intelligent way, manages to preserve the contents in the presence of a connection to make them available even in its absence.

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