A drug delivery platform with delivery in 60'.

6 Months
Design to Development
Delivery, Online Shopping
Web and Mobile

Technology Stack


Fabrizio Martino is a local entrepreneur in the tourism and travel sector who has identified the need for customers to receive medicines at home.

Client Provided

  • Access to all graphic assets, such as logos and other materials.
  • Access to the national pharmacy database

Our responsibility

  • A feature matrix for the mobile apps (client, rider, business) and the managing portal (admin, pharmacy).
  • A Figma prototype with the UI design of the new mobile application.
  • Implement the design for the mobile applications.
  • Design and implement the new CMS and Back Office using the iglu framework.
  • Managing the app submission on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Our Team

Luca Iaconelli

CMS and Back Office Development

Umberto Grimaldi

Mobile Development

Core Infrastructure


Create an infrastructure capable of managing all the players on this platform: customers, pharmacies, riders, administrators.


Build an infrastructure that can handle all these applications at once. Specifically, the creation of a Flutter package shared among the various projects and containing all the interfaces and REST APIs exposed by the back-end library.

Real-Time Geo-Locator Tracker


Create a system able to track the rider during the delivery of orders, to show updates of their position to both users, pharmacies, and administrators.


Build a real-time geolocation system to track the rider's position during the delivery. To do this, we implemented a combination of technologies between the front-end and back-end. Specifically, on the front-end side, we used Flutter's Isolates technologies to make location sharing and communication with the back-end possible even with a closed app and with the app in the background.

Drug Database


Create an integration with the national drug database and transform their interface into a new JSON interface that is more readable and usable by the system.


Build integration with the national pharmaceutical database of products. In particular, we have created a SOAP to JSON technology transformer to make it easier to understand and use by our front-end technologies.

Payment System


Create a fully automated payment system for the money split.


Build an efficient payment system integration that can handle the split of the payments automatically between the parties. To do this, we worked with the technologies offered to us by Stripe, and integrated them seamlessly into our payment and splitting system.

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