A platform that helps citizen to manage the waste sorting

6 Months
Design to Development
Waste Management
Web and Mobile

Technology Stack


Internal Product sponsored by a  local entrepreneur.

Client Provided

  • The idea concept
  • Separate collection calendars for each municipality
  • Information concerning the "where do I throw it"

Our responsibility

  • A feature matrix for the mobile app.
  • A Figma prototype with the UI design of the new mobile application.
  • Implement the design for the mobile applications.
  • Managing the app submission on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Our Team

Luca Iaconelli

CMS and Back Office Development

Umberto Grimaldi

Mobile Development

Notification System


Create a notification system, able, jointly by municipality, to notify the user accurately day by day.


Build the notification system to let the user know on a daily basis what needs to be collected according to the municipal calendar. The notification system is structured on the device and is constantly updated based on the information received from the server, specific to each single municipality.

Waste / Material Database


Create a database, as vast as possible, that contains a variety of materials and where they go for a good separate collection, according to your municipality.


Build a waste / material search system that the user can consult, based on the provisions of their municipality. To make it easy to insert such materials and information, a web portal was created, using Flutter Web. Instead to enable the end-user to search, a custom full-text searching method was implemented on top of the MongoDB database that contains all this information.

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