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Luca and Umberto's paths cross at the Apple Developer Academy.

The two collaborate on different challenges and discover that they are in sync and share a similar mindset.

After a first entrepreneurial experience with a third member, they decided to continue the collaboration, until the founding of iglu.

Luca Iaconelli

After attending Computer Science at the Federico II in Naples, and the Apple Developer Academy, Luca worked for several companies on national and international territory.

He worked with the team that developed the e-Covid SINFONIA mobile app. The official app used to manage the citizen documentation about the COVID emergency in the Campania region. Subsequently, the reality of a completely personal reality was born within him, a reality that made him fully need his potential and his entrepreneurial ambition, and it is for this reason that together with his colleague Umberto, he founded iglu.

Luca's passion has always been for new technologies and software.
At the age of 6, he already enjoyed programming in Visual Basic. He's passionate about Tennis and Formula 1.

Portrait of Luca Iaconelli, founder of iglu
Portrait of Umberto Grimaldi, founder of iglu

Umberto Grimaldi

Umberto is passionate about the possibilities offered by new technologies. He decided to attend the Apple Developer Academy to change his career.

Umberto and Luca met at the Apple Developer Academy and, sharing the same entrepreneurial mindset, the couple founded iglu.

He is an enthusiast supporter of the blockchain world. Umberto appreciates its innovative structure and the possibilities of the blockchain.

He is a great fan of sports, including basketball, football, and motorsports, which he loves to practice, showing his competitive side.

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